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How craters age (animation)
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craters you have classified!

1. One crater is outlined with a green circle in the left copy of the image. Look closely at that crater in the right, unmarked copy of the image.

Crater to classify Crater to classify
2. Select which one of the following three classes (fresh crater, degraded crater, "ghost" crater) best describes that crater. Then press
Not sure which class it is Can't tell which crater is circled
Fresh crater
Displays a sharp rim, distinctive ejecta blanket, and well-preserved interior features (if any). Central peaks count as interior features, but craters within the crater do not.
Sample Fresh crater crater image
Degraded crater
Surrounding ejecta blanket is gone. Interior features are largely or totally obliterated. Rim is rounded or removed.
Sample Degraded crater crater image
"Ghost" crater
Crater is faintly visible through overlying deposits.
Sample "Ghost" crater crater image
There is an animation of crater aging that may make it clearer.

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